Here are some of the books and magazines that I have designed. In most cases I have also edited the text. Please click on images to load PDF samples.

Book Äitisemme Vuokkiniemi


The book Äitisemme Vuokkiniemi (Our Mother Vuokkiniemi), published in 2009 by the University of Tampere, was a true family project. My mother Maija Myllykangas is the author, my brother Pekka Lehtinen edited the photos, and I designed the layout. The 300-page book is a collection of life stories of Viena Karelian women, from young girls to grandmothers. It is richly illustrated with beautiful old photos from the womens’ albums.


Course catalogues for the Sastamala Folk High School


I've been designing and editing the course catalogues for Sastamala Folk High School since 2007, that makes seven catalogues to date. Sastamala Folk High School is one the biggest adult education centres in Finland.

I started with designing a brand new look, and together with the teachers I figured out how to better organize the courses in the catalogue. Unlike before I came on board, now each catalogue is lightened up by numerous photographs (usually taken by Ilari Mehtonen) under a unifying theme.

The hundred-page catalogue is essentially a reference book. Its easily readable text, logical organization, and helpful icons all enable the reader to quickly find just the course he or she is looking for.

Book Vähäisen kunnan suuri aivoitus


The Kiikoinen Savings Bank (Kiikoisten Säästöpankki) hired me to edit and design the history of the 100-year-old bank. The name of the book means “The Big Idea of the Small Municipality”. The author Tapani Huhdanmäki had collected piles of black and white photos to be used in the book. The final product was a rather stylish, abundantly illustrated hardback.

Poetry books Nokkahuilupuu and Tuulihattupöytä


Nokkahuilupuu (“Fipple Flute Tree”) is the first book I have designed. It's a poetry book by my mother Maija Myllykangas. The illustration on the cover is by Tuuni Turula, and the cover typography is by me. The book is published by the University of Tampere.

In spring 2010 I designed my mother's next poetry book, Tuulihattupöytä (impossible to translate, maybe “Weathercock Table”, but tuulihattu is also a kind of pastry). The illustrator and the publisher remain the same.

Uhusiano Newsletters


Uhusiano is a non-governmental organisation that takes part in the development cooperation with Tansania. I’ve designed five 16-page newsletters for the NGO. I hope to design many newsletters and magazines for NGOs and firms in the future, so I put lots of effort in creating a balanced and flexible magazine layout.

The last Uhusiano Newsletter I designed was published on the Internet.

Mikko Lehtinen 16 April 2011
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