Editor and journalist

Here you can find books, journals and magazines that I have edited, and articles and publications that I have written myself.

Articles for the computer magazine MikroPC

I've written many product reviews and other articles for MikroPC, a Finnish computer magazine

Journal No Foundations, Issues 4 and 5


Some time ago I worked for the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law, as an associate editor. I was responsible for editing articles to be published in No Foundations, an English language journal of Jurisprudence. I took care of the correspondence with the contributors who are academics from all over the world. I also designed a new layout for the journal, which is still in use.

Academic volume Demokraattisen oikeuden ehdot

The volume was dedicated to Doctor of Laws, Professor Kaarlo Tuori on his 60th birthday. It is more than 350 pages long, and consists of academic articles written mostly in Finnish. I edited all the articles together with Licenciate of Laws Samuli Hurri.

Magazine Kulttuurihistoria Nyt


During my university studies I worked for a while as editor-in-chief of Kulttuurihistoria Nyt (Cultural History Now). It is a university magazine for students and staff of the Department of Cultural History, University of Turku, about one hundred pages long and published twice a year. I interviewed about a dozen people, wrote most of the articles, and took most of the photographs. I also edited material submitted by others, and sold advertising space.

Master's Thesis Depressed Lover, Agonizing Marriage

For my study on the discourses of love I read hundreds of short stories by amateur writers. As the title of my study indicates, many of these short stories were painted in dark colours. Based on this material I studied how the discourses of love changed from the ‘60s to the ‘90s. During the time period some pretty radical changes took place in the West: the sexual revolution, the emancipation of women, and decline of the marriage institution.

Recently I published my Master's thesis here (in Finnish only), using my own web content management system, Viena.

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