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(The conference is over and this page has been removed. This is just a copy of the home page for my portfolio. — Mikko Lehtinen)

Legislative Studies aims at enhancing fairness as well as economic efficiency in the society by creating a deeper understanding on law-drafting, different regulatory strategies and their actual implementation. The field of study is labeled by a multidisciplinary approach with traditionally close connections to Law, Economics, Sociology and Political Sciences.

The 2008 conference gathered 50 participants from different countries

The 2nd International Conference on Legislative Studies is held on March 1—2, 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. The title of the conference is 'International Conference on Legislative Studies: Better Regulation — A Critical Assessment'.

The focus of the 2nd conference will be on the critical assessment of Better Regulation efforts. A multitude of different BR programs has been launched under the last decades but the success rate has varied. The aim of the conference is to develop new knowledge on regulation theory to improve the quality of legislation. Hence this conference is targeted for researchers of Legislative Studies from different disciplines, law-drafters as well as other public officials and people involved in these topics in NGOs or private sector.

The conference is mainly organized by the Legislative Studies research group of the Finnish National Research Institute of Legal Policy.

Partners and sponsors of the conference are:

The official conference language is English but the papers may also be written in Finnish or in Swedish. However, all papers must be presented in English.

The presentations of the keynote speakers as well as selected papers will be published after the conference by the National Research Institute of Legal Policy.

National Research Institute of Legal Policy