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Here I publish my hobby-related projects. At the moment you can download my own roguelike game here.



Angband is a famous computer roleplaying game, set in J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle Earth. In the game you map dungeons, fight with monsters and collect magical items. The final goal is to slay the evil god Morgoth.

The adventure is made extra thrilling by the fact that you only have one life. Death is final, and you aren't allowed to restore a saved game. Luckily starting anew never gets boring, because all dungeons, items and monsters are created randomly. Every character's story is different.

Angband has numerous variants. My own game FayAngband is built on Eytan Zweig's fine variant EyAngband. I've tried to make the game quicker to play and more challenging tactically.

Read a long description of FayAngand's new features here.

Download the Windows version here. (You may need to change the font before you can see anything.)

Download the Mac OS X version here . (Thanks, Michael Drinen!)

Download the 64-bit Linux-version here.

Download the 32-bit Linux-version here.

Download the source code here.

Mikko Lehtinen 6 October 2011
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