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I love to design web sites of all kinds. I adhere to web standards, which means the web sites will work properly both today and in the web browsers of the future. I've programmed my own web content management system to help in my work. The program makes it possible for my clients to make quick changes to their web sites themselves, even without my help.

Viena Web Content Management


Viena WCM is my own web content management system. The program is open source, and you can download on this page.

Here you can find a whole web site made with Viena: a web version of my master's thesis (in Finnish). The web site is built using a file manager and a simple text editor, as you can see in the pictures on the left.

When you double click viena.exe, the program parses trough the text-folder, and creates a new html-folder, which contains the final web site. All the text files in the text-folder with the .txt extension have been converted to html files. Viena has also created a handy navigation menu for the site with all the pages in it.

Text formatting is made with the simple Markdown markup language. For example, empty lines separate paragraphs, underlined lines are headers, and italics are marked with stars.

Viena includes a useful default style. You can change the style by editing the base.html file and any css-files. Viena is aimed for designers who know how to write HTML and CSS. It aims to remove all boring, repetitive tasks.

On the other hand, once a designer has created the style for the web page, almost anyone is able to edit the content or to add new web pages.

The easiest way to learn to use Viena is by looking at an example web site, and making changes. That's why the downloadable zip-file includes the text files for the example site. Just double click viena.exe, and the html folder will be created.

Download the Windows-executable + the example site.

Download the Python source code + the example site with Linux-combatible UTF8 text files. Viena is open source, the license is GPL2. You need to install Python Markdown before you can use the program.

Web sites for an international conference


In 2008, The National Research Institute of Legal Policy needed a web site for the International Conference of Legislative Studies. They wanted a bilingual site with a professional look. The institute was very satisfied with my work.

Later I was asked to create a new site for the 2010 conference. This time I designed the site using my own Viena WCM. Thanks to Viena, the research group was able to make quick changes to the site without my help.

This site

This site, like all my sites, is created with fully standards compliant techiques.

The site is also designed to work on web browsers that aren't compatible with Cascading Style Sheets. You can comfortably browse the page with a text browser or a simple browser of a cell phone.

Mikko Lehtinen 16 April 2011
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